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The Playa del Rey California area is a relaxed locale on the edge of a sleepy lagoon. The two mile wide and fifth of a mile wide freshwater trickily flows to the sea along La Ballona Creek. The area was once home to cattle ranchers. In the late 1880s Moye L. Wicks saw potential for a harbor on Playa del Rey properties. It was a costly and extensive plan. At the time the railroad was seeking an ocean terminal near LA. The project never came to fruition.

In 1902 investors purchase 1000 acres and renamed the community Playa del Rey (The King’s Beach). It was this group that sought to develop a Venetian style resort. A pavilion and small hotel were eventually built in Oriental craftsman style. Around 100 lots were sold, but were scarcely built on. Around that time a boat racing course was laid out. A grandstand and boathouse were erected. A bridge spanned the lagoon and a 1200-foot fishing pier was built. Playa del Rey never gained the popularity of Venice. Over the years several attractions came and went on Playa del Rey properties.

Playa del Rey CA Properties

Playa del Rey properties were an understated, little-known secret. Residents here appreciate a little more anonymity. Playa del Rey has since grown into a bedroom community along the beach. Homes here are very exclusive.

If you’re interested in Playa del Rey homes, the aid of a professional can be invaluable. The choice of homes can be overwhelming. A real estate agent will manage your home search by focusing your home buying criteria, presenting you a short list of properties, and managing all of the steps necessary to secure it.

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