Charitable Work

Sean Harrison is determined to give back anyway he can .  The following  are some of the charitable contributions he has made.

  • Sean helped start the MPNA – Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association which is a non-profit organization that keeps neighbors involved to keep our beach community safe and control over building.
  • Sean donates money for local schools to purchase computers for the classrooms.  This was done through a clean the beach incentive.  the local children would schedule a weekend clean up of the beach, and we donated funds to the children’s school in return
  • Sean helped give 4 year scholarships to students that could not afford the tuition for college. The chosen students where at the top of the class and where very dedicated and well deserving.
    Has given donation to help the fight afainst HIV and Aids
  • Sean donated a full 4 year scholarship for 2 students in South Africa
  • Sean has just started a program with Coeur D’ Alene elementary school in which if a referral comes from a parent,family member or friend his company will donate 10 percent of his net profits to the school.

Sean continues to give back and come up with inventive ideas to do so.